A new beginning

I'm back in Germany. After thirty long years a new new beginning. The screen prints I made in London, have come along. And I will continue to work on them. Family and home. Heimat. What does that really mean? 'Home is where the heart is' they say. It's not so easy. Two hearts are beating in my chest....

Screen printing at East London Printmakers

A new way of printing for me. A screen printing course at East London Printmakers and I've learned a new way of creating multiples which stand on their own but also work in combination with other printmaking techniques. My first independently designed set of images (one of which can be seen here) tying in with the family series. Thank you Ann Norfield for being such a great teacher! Screen printing is really something that needs to be done where the clean up is easily managed. And that is not in my studio...

Shifting States

Coming across a box of family photos recently I had an idea for a new piece. 'Shifting States' here signifies the generational in between space as well as the continuing circle of human existence in changing circumstances and our need to belong and find a place in the universe. The characters in the photos of yesteryears will be us one day. Furthermore, in this digital age, will there be images of us?

I wanted to continue with different ways of displaying artwork, moving away from traditional hanging frame set up. Here mixed media prints are sandwiched between acrylic blocks.